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You’ve worked hard to shape your life. When we work together on your home improvement project, we’ll honor what works, then re-form and re-shape your built spaces with home renovations you’ll love.

Home remodeling is all about discovering new possibilities, about dressing the “bones” of your house with a new way of living. At the same time, we’re not prima donnas. We listen, and we pay attention to what you want. We’ll work together to preserve and enhance the things you love about your home with home renovations that reflect and support the way you want to live today.

The best home remodeling projects anticipate life changes. Today’s nursery becomes tomorrow’s home office or studio for changing careers. Today’s guest quarters becomes an additional master suite for aging parents. Today’s kitchen and bathroom renovations can be modified tomorrow to integrate universal design. Our home renovations work well for all the stages of your life.


Much of the world’s most enduring and beloved architecture was created by the traditional Master Architect, who was responsible for every facet of home design and home construction.

As labor became more specialized, the comprehensive advantages of the Master Architect were lost. Architectural designers moved more and more towards artistic expression, without the benefit of the practical knowledge of home construction techniques and materials, and often at the expense of the common-sense realities of how people actually live. As a result, much modern architecture seems cold and antiseptic.

At the same time, many home builders have lost touch with essential home design elements that, in concert with high levels of craftsmanship, make homes beautiful, enjoyable, and enduring.


The rift caused by this modern phenomenon of division of labor often results in conflict between home designer and home builder, with the homeowner caught in the middle. Many builders chafe at designers’ demands for design elements that are either unbuildable, unwise, or prohibitively expensive.

There is a new movement to recover the integrity of the Master Architect, typically called home design and home build. When the home designer is the home builder, it makes for an extraordinary synergy. John Dancey’s home design and home build approach follows this simple pattern:

1. Create an extraordinary design for your new home, or modifications to your existing home.

2. Build with sound construction techniques and superior materials, employing an integrated home building systems approach to enhance your home’s performance and maximize its value.

3. Drive the project management process for maximum efficiency.
There are very practical advantages to the home design home build approach. The design and build process involves a number of separate but related functions:
• Step 1. Cost/Value Analysis
• Step 2. Design
• Step 3. Bid
• Step 4. Permitting
• Step 5. Construction
• Step 6. Inspections/Commissioning

As the home designer and home builder, ultimate responsibility for every aspect of the job falls to us. Starting with a cost/value analysis gives immediate feedback for a realistic scale and scope to your project’s design, and helps avoid significant cost overruns. And we don’t create delays by designing elements that run aground in the permitting process. As the single-source contact for our clients, all design decisions, subsequent revisions, and change orders are handled smoothly; we maintain complete awareness of the consequences to budget, overall design intent, and building performance.

Since we are in control of every aspect of the home design and home building process, we can compress the entire cycle while creating a superior home. Communication is more simple and more clear. The bottom line is that our home design and home build firm-through increased accountability and decreased complexity-maximizes the beauty and utility of your home within the common-sense limits of financial practicality.

Custom Cabinet

Exterior and interior architectural details and custom cabinetry are the signature elements for your home improvement projects. These details are the elements of the house that we correspond with most intimately, the parts that most easily lodge in our memories of home. A cozy window seat, bathed by soft northern light, with a nook for a favorite book, pillow and reading lamp. A solid, handcrafted front door, with forged iron hinges and hardware, simultaneously secure and inviting. A hand-carved mantle that showcases growing family memories and hosts the trappings of passing holidays and seasons. Special cabinetry that represent the height of utility, yet resemble an inviting grouping of furniture rather than typical monolithic linear boxes.

Adding even a few very special architectural details to your home improvement project elevates the character of your entire home.

We design and supervise the creation of such special architectural detailing. Custom cabinetry is especially important in restoration work, or when building to accommodate elements in historical neighborhoods where we are seeking to preserve an established style.

What Our Client Are Saying

We dealt with Lindans on a number of big tasks over the past 5 years. They offered every little thing we were trying to find in regards to imagination, design, team option, job monitoring and also exploration, high quality, cleanliness, very little disturbance, general price as well as job follow up. Lindans also aided us bargain a much more reasonable repayment with my insurer.

– Allen A. Beckman

My family member learnt more about Lindans a couple of years ago when we had him place on the brand-new roof as well as house siding. It was an exceptional task. So when we required our sitting room redesigned, we called Lindans that provided us a sincere evaluation of expense as well as timeline that remained in truth real as well as satisfied. Lindans got on website often and also replied to concerns swiftly. They have a terrific record with individuals.

– Laura D. Predmore

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